Spirit of the Drowning Girls- things that go bump in the east

Fantasia 2019 Review: “Things That Go Bump in the East” Shorts Block

I love watching shorts, so I decided to challenge myself and try some unique ones for the Things That Go Bump in the East shorts block for Fantasia 2019. These animated shorts are creative with stunning imagery and amazing stories. Check out my review for each down below!



Another was directed by Park Yeon. This one is pretty dark and twisted and I loved it. A Ghost Kid appears in front of a human kid. The two were apparently twins, but one disappeared from the mother’s belly. The Ghost Kid envies the life of a living brother and wants to have his body. It’s super creepy. Can you imagine becoming friends with someone who is just like you only to have them try to take over your life?

The Death Vendor

the death vendor

The Death Vendor was directed by Jeon Jinkyu. This one is beautiful but also really dark and sad. One day a boy encounters a street vendor who is selling baby chicks. The boy knows these birds will die very soon. To his eyes, the man is selling none other than death itself. It’s disturbing but a unique concept and I think very symbolic too many things in life.

The Girl and The Serpent

The Girl and The Serpent- things that go bump in the east

The Girl and The Serpent was directed by Wan Jinyue and Du Jinzhi. This was one of my favorite ones out of all the shorts. I loved everything about it – the story, the imagery, and the badass little warrior. I love a female lead who defies all odds.



Goldfish was directed by Fish Wang. I really loved this one. Everything about it reminded me of something Tim Burton would make from the imagery to the characters to the special effects. It’s enchanting yet horrifying fantasy world that you can’t help but get lost in.

The House Rattler

The House Rattler

The House Rattler was directed by Shinobu Soejima. It was pretty creepy unsettling probably because dolls give me the heebie jeebies, especially this one. In this short, a rattling spirit has lived in this old house for generations. But the old woman who lives there as the final resident can no longer hear the noises it makes, which leaves the house rattler filled with a sense of longing. In the end, it’s actually pretty sad and hurt my heart a bit. Definitely a unique story with an interesting concept.

My Little Goat

My Little Goat

My Little Goat was directed by Tomoki Misato. This short stars out really sad and depressing but ends up being pretty awesome. A mother goat tries to protect her little ones from the big bad wolf, but when she leaves they must team up together to protect each other. It’s very empowering and sweet.

Rainy Season

Rainy Season

Rainy Season was directed by Kim Se-yoon. The story tells of a drug addicted girl who drops her syringe because of an unexpected thunderstorm and something is lurking within the storm. My favorite part of this was imagery. I love the look and design of this short. I also feel like there’s a moral to this story. Don’t do drugs… or bad things will happen.



Shishigari was directed by Kiyotaka Oshiyama. This short is quite different from the rest, which makes it stand out. It’s beautiful tale about survival and the imagery is one of the best on the list. I really enjoyed it and at times suspension gave me anxiety and goosebumps.

The Six

The Six

The Six was directed by Chen Xi and is about a man, a woman, and a crane, in six repeating scenes. What I love about this one is the uniques of how it was made. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. A very interesting watch to see it all come together.

Spirit of the Drowning Girls

Spirit of the Drowning Girls - things that go bump in the east

Spirit of the Drowning Girls was directed by Cao Runze. This is another favorite from this short block. It’s such a beautiful and heartfelt story that will pull at your heartstrings. The style reminds me of a mix of Disney/Tim Burton. The imagery is dark and helps set the tone. A very emotional experience.


Tempura - things that go bump in the east

Tempura was directed by Ujicha. Out of all the shorts I watched in this block, this is by the most bizzare but fun. It’s just strange and disturbing with some comical elements. It reminds me of something that you would see on Adult Swim, if that helps any.

Final Thoughts on Things That Go Bump in the East

All of the shorts for Things That Go Bump in the East were amazing and I’m stoked that I got to watch and review them for Fantasia 2019!

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