Fantasia 2019: ‘Harpoon’ Movie Review

I am back with another film review with for the 2019 Fantasia International Festival and this time it is for the film Harpoon! I am not even going to sugar coat if I liked this one or not. I absolutely loved it. It has been my favorite entry thus far. So let’s just dive right and get into the heart of why I loved writer and director Rob Grant’s latest film, Harpoon!

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Official Synopsis for Harpoon

Rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension emerge when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean under suspicious circumstances.

What Works

To me, Harpoon was like Dawson’s Creek meets Wild Things… only way bloodier! Rob Grant has a way of captivating you from start to finish with his narration, which helps set the tone. You know right away that this is going to be dark. The film only has three characters and they all played so well off of each other. You have Jonah (Munro Chambers, Turbo Kid) the dark ,dreamy and damaged friend, Richard (Christopher Gray, TV’S The Mist) the rich jerk we all love to hate, and Sasha (Emily Tyra, TV’s Code Black) the one who holds their friendship together but also the reason they will be torn apart. Put these three stranded in the middle of the ocean on a yacht and we all know damn well chaos is about to ensue. They were all fantastic in their roles and each pulled their own weight. I do have to give a major shout out to Tyra as I feel like this girl is going places in this industry! She just makes you feel like you can relate to her. So bravo to all three!

I don’t want to get into spoiler territory but there is some blood to be shed. I loved the aspect of the tension and wit that the script builds as the days of waiting to be rescued ensue. The music selection for Harpoon crashes into you like a tidal wave. Films like this go to show you that you don’t need much to go a long way. I must say that this is by far the best use of title along with the prop I’ve ever seen in a film. For me a lot of times a film’s name has nothing to do with the movie but Harpoon does not disappoint. I loved the dark comedy along with the horror in this one. It just flowed through and through.


What Doesn’t Work

Nothing doesn’t work in this film. It is just a fun ride and if you can’t have fun with Harpoon there is clearly something wrong with you. Just kidding, but it really is a blast and it shows how much these actors had fun and jive together.


Final Thoughts on Harpoon

Harpoon has a way of making you feel like you are actually on a boat getting motion sickness from all the glorious cringe worthy moments. I feel like this came at the perfect time of year for me to watch. Harpoon is now going to be required summer viewing with the likes of Jaws and I Know what You did Last Summer. So grab yourself a life jacket and brace yourself for what I would say is frantic bloody fun ocean shenanigans. Please be sure to check out our interview with star Munro Chambers coming soon!


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