Suspense Thriller ‘Failing Grace’ releases teaser trailer, launches IndieGoGo Campaign

From Concept Media, the makers of Don’t Fuck in The Woods and Midsummer Nightmares, comes Failing Grace, the latest suspense thriller for fans of Fear and Fatal Attraction. Failing Grace is a murky tale of obsession and revenge. Check out the teaser below and read on for all the details on this exciting project.


Failing Grace is the latest film from writer/director Ryan Stacy (Midsummer Nightmares 2011, Midsummer Nightmares 2 2014) which was conceived during his first year of sobriety after a lengthy struggle with alcoholism, and is set to go into production in July for expected November release. The film features a cast made up of Amanda Collins (Lady Krampus 2016), Caroline Vineyard, Josh Miller (Betsy 2017), Adam Atherton (Scream For Summer 2017), Marylee Osborne (Primordial 2015), Austin Tarantino (Scream For Summer 2017), Mike Reeves (Seasons Greetings 2015), Stacy Freeders (Midsummer Nightmares 2 2014), Audery Lane, and Kayla Danielle Cook.

 Maggie Novak (Amanda Collins) is living the quietest life she can. She lives with her younger sister, Grace (Caroline Vineyard), and they keep to themselves. Maggie is trying to make sure that Jack Elligott (Josh Miller) never finds them, if he should return from his watery grave. Jack, Maggie’s ex-boyfriend, became dangerously obsessed with Grace. He was so far gone into his madness, that he killed the sisters’ parents & tried to murder Maggie. But she survived. He didn’t. Or so she thought.

Now five years later, a much older Maggie and Grace are about to leave town for a fun weekend with friends. But unbeknownst to the girls, Jack’s got them right where he wants them. And he will stop at nothing until he gets his girl.

The film recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the funds necessary for production. Some of the perks of donating include a certificate, DVD, Blu-ray, a Blu-ray with a personalized intro, a thank you in the credits, social media shout outs, associate producer credit, and executive producer credit. The campaign will be up for the next 2 months.

As someone who grew up watching Fear, I’m super excited to check out Failing Grace when it’s completed. Are you looking forward to the project? Planning to donate? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to like their Facebook page for more updates.

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