Face Your Fears at Screampark 2019

Clowns, darkness, zombies, gruesome convicts — pick your fear and prepare to face it at the return of Bingemans Screampark, Ontario’s most terrifying haunted attraction.

This year’s Screampark features four horrifying haunted houses, three all-new execution rides, the return of the ever-popular Red Room escape room and additional attractions like Zombie paintball and camping packages for a truly terrifying experience.


This countdown to Screampark includes:

  • FOUR … haunted houses, all included with your price of admission:
    1. Carney Carnage — A funhouse of horrors inhabited by former carnival workers who have had their mortal souls wiped out by an evil version of their carney alter-egos. This is where they dwell … can you survive?
    2. The Darkness — Total, absolute darkness does funny things to your mind. It triggers your brain’s disfigured perceptions of the horror that lies ahead. Maybe it’s just imagining what is out there … but then again, maybe the ghoulish fiends of the dark are lying in wait. Maybe we’ll give you a small light source for relief. Maybe the ghouls of the dark will react to the light. Or maybe you’ll never see the light of day again ….
    3. Zombie Wasteland — Nuclear waste has seeped into a nearby cemetery. Make your way through this neglected land to witness the unnatural and superhuman effects the waste has on forgotten corpses.
    4. Prisoners’ Playground — For the safety of, well, everyone, the most demonic degenerates have been locked up here where they are guaranteed to partake in foul play. Will you just be the next in their long list of victims?
  • THREE … Execution rides. The excavators at Bingemans Excavation Station have been swallowed by the evils of Screampark. Test your skills at:
    1. Land a Limb — Retrieve severed human limbs, most likely the remains of past guests who didn’t behave.
    2. Grave Danger — Test your luck and see what happens when you intentionally knock over gravestones.
    3. Deadly Devices — Use the boom to skillfully find a murder weapon.
  • TWO … bone-chilling upgrades to your Screampark experience:
    1. Screampark Boston Pizza Package- Think you can handle a meal after screampark? Save on your evening out with a Boston Pizza Screampark package.
    2. Camping Terror Package – If Screampark doesn’t do you in, perhaps trying to sleep outside only minutes away from all of the horror might! Camp where you can still hear the screaming. Nightmares guaranteed!
  • ONE … the popular Red Room escape room. You have 10 minutes and one chance to survive escape before the unearthly unknowns depict your demise
  • ZERO…ways to prepare yourself for the fear!


In addition to all these exciting new experiences, Screampark has teamed up with Innocente, a local craft brewery to offer patrons the first-ever, limited edition Zom-Beer! Zom-beer will be available at The Bite (inside Screampark), Kingpin Bowlounge and Kingpin Cambridge.

Screampark 2019 will be open September 27th, 28th, October 4th to 6th, 11th to 13th, 17th to 20 and 23rd to 27th. On select nights you can also test your skills at Zombie Paintball Hunt!  Gather your comrades and head out in a military truck to Ground Zero of the zombie outbreak. Your mission is simple: eliminate the zombies with your paintballs and save humanity.

For more information on park hours and admission, please visit Join the conversation on social media; follow Bingemans on Instagram and Twitter @Bingemans, Like it on Facebook and watch exclusive video on YouTube.

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