Extreme Horror Anthology, ‘Vore Gore,’ Announced With First Wave Of Creators, Exclusive Images

There have been many phobias and fetishes that have been explored and utilized as the catalyst in countless horror films over the years. A surprising number of people in the world either suffer from a phobia or indulge, usually in secret, a fetish that fulfills a certain need within that individual. For the first time ever, the upcoming horror film, Vore Gore, will be taking an unflinching exploration into the world of vorarephilia, or vore for short. What is vore, you may ask? Well, it’s an uncommon fetish where someone experiences unique arousal while imagining or even acting out the consumption of another human being. 

Vore Gore will be an anthology featuring some of the best international artists working in independent, extreme cinema. Beyond Horror’s Jessie Seitz (read our interview with her here), Irene Jones Baruffetti (Nightmare Symphony), Lorenzo Zanoni (Ill: Final Contagium), Sarah Rouge (American Guinea Pig: Sacrifice – read our review here and our interview with Sarah here), Elissa Carrera Fumagalli (Deep Web XXX), House of Flesh Mannequins’ Domiziano Cristopharo (read our interview with him here) and photographer Mikel Balerdi are only the first wave of creators announced for what seems to be a massive collaboration in store for this ambitious aim at this seriously taboo subject. 

Be sure to check back here to keep updated on future announcements regarding Vore Gore, including some surprise additions for the anticipated anthology. Until then, feast on these exclusive images! 


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