Experience Chucky Firsthand at Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

What could be better than an immersive experience into one of your favorite films? What about one of your favorite horror films? Halloween Horror Nights Orlando is doing one better by giving us an epic Child’s Play sequel scenario. If you liked Cult of Chucky, Halloween Horror Nights’ Revenge of Chucky Scare Zone goes one better by taking the notion of Charles Lee Ray being able to possess other Good Guy Dolls to whole new level. Chucky possesses everything at a toy factory. Everything!

It all begins with Chucky himself casting the spell that brings everything to life. Actors disguised as classic toys such as Cabbage Patch Kid dolls, which are warped by Charles Lee Ray’s epic evil, begin their attack. Pretty cool, huh? There’s also two stages that turn the innocent Americana toys, Barrel of Monkeys and Easy Bake Ovens into conduits of pure sinister evil.

The Senior Director of Entertainment: Creative Development for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando, Michael Aiello. talked to Bloody Disgusting about what inspired them:

We wanted to incorporate Chucky into the event first knowing he’s an 80’s horror icon and it fit nicely in our events overall 80’s thematic and also knowing it’s the 30th anniversary of him as a character,” Aiello explained to us.Discovering in Cult of Chucky that he can possess other dolls, we decided to expand on that idea and bring forth the thought that he could possess all kinds of toys, growing his cult so to speak. This was in our favor as a way to offer a diverse collection of characters for our guests to encounter, because we did not want a bunch of people running around in Chucky costumes and masks.

We wanted to remain authentic to his scale and look and there’s only one Chucky! So he had to be a fully realized puppet that could talk to our guests and if need be initiate them into his cult as well! So this scare zone is a tangent story jumping off the Cult story beat.

The team brainstormed all kinds of things. We’ve got some nostalgic 80’s versions of classic dolls but with our HHN filter and overlay; barrels of monkeys, operation-like games, baking ovens, toy soldiers, all of them have this 80’s flair to them. We really wanted to tap toys we grew up with as kids!

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Halloween Horror Nights Orlando will be showcasing Revenge of Chucky intermittently through Halloween and wrapping up on November 3. Are any of you planning to trip to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando for Halloween this year to experience Revenge of Chucky? Let us know in the comments!

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