[Exclusive] Hear Composer Leanna Primiani’s Single, ‘Sounds Like Fear’

A few months back, PopHorror had the privilege of interviewing Composer Leanna Primiani on her work as a creator of all things musical, but more specifically, her score for the movie, Bad Seed (2018). Watch that interview video here:

Primiami has been creating even more music since then, releasing a new single, “Sounds Like FEAR,” out on October 31, 2019. The track is based on the music she wrote for the controversial horror short, Sulphur For Leviathan, directed by Sodom & Chimera’s James Quinn (Flesh of the Void 2017).

If the SoundCloud link above doesn’t work for you, can can hear the song here.


Have a look at the shorts trailer, and you will see why it’s so controversial. Sulphur For Leviathan is very dark, and Leanna’s writing for this short shows that her skill in creating what the director wants for the film is evident. It has a real life feel to it. You can feel the tones in your bones. It sounds like fear… hence the title.

Leanna says:

“I loved writing the music for this film and loved recreating this track even more. I followed James’ experimental lead sonically by varying the motives in pitch and intensity, composing passages backwards, jarringly cutting short or dramatically elongating musical elements through the use of echo-chamber effects. This coming together of varied auditory experiences cohesively gels into an invigorating and disquieting auditory experience, just like the film does visually.

“The music takes on a ‘variations on a theme’ approach, using the movie’s musical motifs as creative fodder. The film has been visually sculpted to achieve a sensory disorienting experience to heighten its deliciously depraved narrative arc. ‘Sounds Like FEAR’ mirrors this effect through treatment of sound… it sounds like it’s breathing.

“James is a genius when it comes to the concept. The visual quality is both sinister and surreal. The movie juxtaposes black and white scenes against color ones, and it features an arresting array of film textures due to it being shot by a variety of cameras, including Super 8, 16 mm, and the seldom-used amateur 1920s film, 9.5 mm.”

The trailer is vividly strange and is one of the creepiest we’ve seen in awhile. Hopefully, the film will be available soon. For the moment, the short is still doing the rounds at film festivals. As soon as we’ve seen it, we will have a review up. The sheer creativeness of this short makes it a must see, but for now, we can sink our teeth into the ambiance of music from Composer Leanna Primiani.

Composer Leanna Primiani

When she is not working under the moniker ANASIA, she composes for film, TV and the concert stage. Besides Rob Lowe’s The Bad Seed, you can hear her music being performed by The Nashville Symphony, Seattle Collaborative Orchestra and The Aspen Music Festival. Leanna has also conducted orchestras such as The National Symphony, Dallas Opera Orchestra, California Opera among many others.

It’s a real privilege to listen to the creative work that Leanna brings into our reality. Seeing her talent shine in singles like “Sounds Like FEAR” is why we enjoy sharing her work.

Did you listen to “Sound Like FEAR” in the link above? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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