Etheria Film Night 2020

Exclusive Details for Etheria Film Night 2020

One of the most empowering female-based festivals around is happening this weekend – yes that’s right, it’s time for Etheria Film Night! Typically this festival happens in Hollywood, but the world is a little different right now, and this time it’s happening on June 20th, 2020 in Kansas City, baby!Etheria Film Festival 2020

As reported by Terror Time, Etheria Film Night is partnering up with Screenland Armour Theater to bring everyone a LIVE virtual screening night of the festival. A lucky few will also have a chance to attend the festival in person! “Exclusive content pre-show and after-the-show content will be available at this in-person event and steaming through the Screenland Armour Theatre website,” stated Terror Time.

But that’s not all! Etheria Film Night is happy to announce that 100% of the Etheria profits from the Screenland Armour Online and In House Etheria 2020 Celebration on Saturday, June 20, 2020, will be used to amplify the voices of black female genre directors within Women of Color Unite/The JTC List Database.

In theater tickets are $20 –

Online tickets are $12 –


Also, Stacy will be announcing the 2020 Stephanie Rothman Fellowship winner during the pre-show. The fellowship was created in conjunction with Rebekah McKendry to grant a $3,000 award to one lucky female horror student. Plus they will be taking votes for the 2020 Audience Award – both from in theater attendees and via online voting for Screenland streaming audience.

Doors open at 5:30 central time, preshow begins at 6, and the festival begins at 7 and is followed up by a pre-recorded Q&A followed by live discussions at 9:15. This is one event you won’t want to miss! But if you do… all festival selections will be streamed on Shudder beginning June 19th! That being said, there’s no excuse not to check this festival out and support fellow women in the industry!

What is Etheria?

Etheria Film Night screens an annual showcase of the best new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and thriller films directed by women for an audience including producers, managers, showrunners, distributors, and genre fans. Etheria puts the women directors who want to make genre films and TV in front of the people who want to hire them! The two wonderful ladies behind this festival our Stacy Pippi and Heidi Honeycutt. Stacy is the director of the festival and Heidi is the director of programming.

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