EVIL SELFIE trailer released!

Frequent readers know I’m an unabashed fan of Italian horror. So when I heard about Eros Bosi’s short film, Evil Selfie, I jumped at the chance to review it. Mr. Bosi has provided us with a trailer. Judging from the trailer, Carpenter’s They Live is an obvious influence and the sinister undertones promise a frightful experience.


Evil Selfie follows a woman named Isabella (Chiara Palombi), a maniac for selfies, who is friends with Fabiano (Eros Bosi) and Mara (Diletta Vindovelli), also selfie maniacs. After a strange mirror is broken, a series of strange events befall the characters. The truth of these events is revealed by the selfies they so frequently take with their mobile phones… Gene Gnocchi, a popular actor on Italian television, is also in the cast.

Evil Selfie is set to premiere on November 21 at the Mario Monicelli Cinema in Narni, Italy – which also happens to be Bosi’s birthday! An English subtitled version is set to drop in the near future.

For more news and updates, stay tuned or check out the Evil Selfie Facebook page.

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