State of Consciousness

Emile Hirsch Starring in Psychological Thriller ‘State of Consciousness’

Check out the details for the new psychological thriller, State of Consciousness. The film is produced by Andrea Iervolino and Monika Bacardi. It is directed by Marcus Stokes and stars Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild, The Girl Next Door, The Autopsy of Jane Doe).

Synopsis for State of Consciousness

Nightmares and reality become indistinguishable to Stephen (Hirsch) when he is forced to take medication for a psychological disorder he doesn’t have. To regain his sanity and get back to his normal life, he sets out to escape from the institution he has been trapped in.

Andrea Iervolino said, “I can’t tell you how excited we are to have Emile jump into this role. Getting intensity, intelligence, and ingenuity all in one performance is daunting – until you get Emile Hirsch, then you breathe easier and things get really exciting. We’re really looking forward to making this movie and letting Emile do what he does best – command the screen. As always, we have installed stringent safety measures and protocols.”

Silvio Muraglia said, “State of Consciuosness is a very strong story. A psychological thriller that will thrill immediately. The viewer will find himself not understanding where the truth is, which he will discover alongside Stephen (Hirsch) in a succession of twists and suspense. We are also very happy with the collaboration with the director, Marcus Stokes, who in addition to his brilliant directorial talent, boasts an extraordinary career in the field of visual effects.”

Silvio Muraglia’s Paradox Studios acquired worldwide distribution rights. The movie just started filming in Bari, Italy, and the surrounding areas. Stay tuned for more details concerning State of Consciousness from Iervolino Entertainment.

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