Elvira Comic From Dynamite Comics

Elvira Writes Her Own Comic, Produced By Dynamite Comics

Elvira and Dynamite Comics have joined forces to kickstart an all new comic book penned by the Mistress of the Dark herself! The project is available to pre-order now on Kickstarter with tons of extras at every donation level. Extras include Dynamite’s past Elvira tales, special trading cards, high-quality lithograph prints, a collectible coin, and an Elvira spectral board to communicate with the dead!

Read on for all the details!

Elvira - By Dynamite Comics

From The Elvira / Dynamite Comics Kickstarter Page

The Mistress of the Dark is back with a special all-new prestige comic book story ripped straight from the headlines, filled with terror and titillation. Created by the icon herself and long-running Elvira scribe David Avallone,

Originating with a cheeky “Quarantine Special” codename, this brand new 48-page story finds Elvira waking up from a short coma (due to a hairspray overdose…) to discover a deserted Los Angeles. Wandering around with her canine companion, it seems she may be the sole survivor. But The Last Sex Symbol on Earth… is not alone! She must contend with a cult of zombie-like survivors who’ve ingested cleaning products that alter their DNA, as she seeks to find out what happened and where to get a decent cup of coffee.

This exclusive comic pulls inspiration from the likes of The Omega Man, The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Mad Max and more, and is sure to be a delight for fans of horror, camp, and great stories – as only Elvira can! Elvira, the creative team, and the Dynamite crew have been working on this for all of 2020. The spooky season is the perfect time to launch for Elvira’s fans, and the book will be shipped out quickly following the finale.

On the Kickstarter campaign, fans can get several variations of the book. Alternate editions feature a beautiful watercolor cover by artist Dave Acosta or a photo cover. Elvira will even be signing a limited number of copies for collectors. As a special treat, Dynamite will offer a “coloring book cover” with Acosta’s inked artwork on heavier paper stock.

Super cool!

Elvira - By Dynamite Comics

You can order your very own comic package on the Kickstarter page. Very cool!

Final Thoughts

Get your wallets out!  Dynamite always does great stuff. This looks like a lot of love went into this one. We dig it!

What do you think? Are you an Elvira fan? Will you snag a copy of her all new Comic from Dynamite Comics? Tell us in the comments!

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