Black Metal Artist Draagyn Releases Debut Song ‘Majesty’

Black metal act DRAAGYN sends word they’ve released their first single, “Majesty.” It’s hard to describe, but I gotta say, it kicks big ass and takes big names. I dig it. I think you will, too. Killer sound. Great melody. Wonderful vocals. It is METAL!

Don’t take my word for it. Have a listen below, then read on for all the details!

DRAAGYN Releases Debut Song: ‘Majesty’

To be clear, this isn’t metal. In fact, it’s the end of times. The chilling moment right before you die. It’s something to be loved, feared and hated at the same time. An intense cataclysm, clawing and writhing its way from the blackened abyss. It’s to be adored or recoiled in disgust with no compromise in between. A grotesque, iconoclastic deity that should be worshipped or burned at the stake. A magnificent terror caught in the crossroads between heaven and hell that lights the way for the damned amidst eternal darkness. It’s artistry for the outliers and outlaws; for those with reckless abandon and exclusive fetishes. This is DRAAGYN.

With its first offering, “Majesty,” DRAAGYN parts a dead sea with an 8-minute opus of juxtaposing sound, beginning with an ethereal prelude, before all out collapsing into a torrent of violent darkness and immense doom. Bound by no rules and apathetic to any preconceived notions as to what is considered “music” or “art,” DRAAGYN manifests a supreme intensity and fearless brilliance which knows no limits.

Nice! According to the press release, “DRAAGYN will release additional music in the near future, as it sees fit.” Watch the accompanying short film clip to “Majesty” here!

Love it! I can’t wait to hear more. I sincerely hope there’s more where this came from. It sure sounds like there is!

What do you think? Did you enjoy listening to “Majesty?” Would you like to see and hear more from DRAAGYN? Tell us in the comments!

You can also check out their killer release artwork below. Snazzy! Will this be their album cover? We’ll find out!


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