Doom Metal Act VÖLUR Details Upcoming Album

Canadian doom metal trio VÖLUR is on the verge of releasing their third album: Death Cult. We have the cover art, details and release date for you!

Read all about it below! But first? An introduction to the band!

From The VÖLUR Press Release

The third album of the Canadian trio from Toronto was partly inspired by a suggestion of human sacrifice that Tacitus relates in his book “Germania”. According to the Roman historiographer, the Germanic tribes of the Baltic Sea worshipped the earth goddess Nerthus by a mysterious ritual that ended with the drowning of four slaves.

“I came to the realization that this sacrifice to some never answering deity is a repeating cycle of people doing something that does nothing to solve real problems and only leaves dead people behind”, explains VÖLUR vocalist and bass player Lucas Gadke. “This makes ‘Death Cult’ probably the closest thing to a political album we will ever come up with. It is basically a lament for all the destruction, the burning, and gnawing away of this planet’s natural environment. Again, humankind appears to be stuck in a futile vicious cycle until it is too late.”

Check out the official cover art!

VÖLUR - Death Cult

Death Cult will be available November 13, 2020 from Prophecy as a Digipak CD and on Vinyl. You can pre-order it here!

Very cool! What do you think? Will you snag a copy of Death Cult? Tell us in the comments!

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