Dark Rockers DOOL Releasing New Album This Spring

Dark Rockers DOOL formed in 2015 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Their debut album was ranked #13 among the “Best 100 Albums of the New Millennium” by German magazine Rock Hard. The group returns in 2020 with a new, sophomore effort called Summerland. It was recorded at DAFT studios in Malmédy, Belgium, and Studio Cobra in Stockholm, Sweden. It was mixed and mastered in Redmount Studio Stockholm.

Are you ready to hear the first track from the album? Of course you are! The song is “Sulphur and Starlight.” Give it a listen!

Details From The Summerland Press Release

Summerland encapsulates the meaning behind the quintet’s monicker. Expansive and more varied on all fronts, it represents the constant evolution that goes along with the soul’s quest for ascension, resulting in a bedazzling mix of classic and post rock, Middle Eastern flourishes, psychedelia and metal. Each track displays its own identity within a loose thematic frame as summarized in the climactic title track: the struggle to find a place in this world, reaching some ultimate state mind, ecstatic pleasure and reincarnation, also inspired by Richard Matheson’s novel What Dreams May Come as a modern take on Dante’s cycles of hell.

“The term ‘summerland’ comes from paganism and refers to heaven, nirvana or whatever else you’d like to call it,” the lyricist [Ryanne van Dorst] explains. “Since I usually write from experience and about what keeps me awake at night, I was asking myself what makes me happy on this existential plane and how the ideal afterlife would look like. This became a recurring motif throughout the lyrics in the shapes of sex, magic, psychedelics and many other means to invoke this ‘summerland’ in the here and now.”

After taking Europe by storm, Dool keep following their path to world domination with seven-mile boots, doing what they do best – devastating venues with their energetic performance, which, as Ryanne promises, “will look a bit bigger in every respect …”

Summerland releases on April 10, 2020. It will be available as Digipak CD, 2 CD hardcover book with expanded artwork and two bonus tracks, gatefold 2LP, and boxed set. You can pre-order it here!

Check out the album artwork below!


Final Thoughts

I dig it! Hearing this new single has me wanting to track down their debut album. I see it’s on Pandora. I think I will have to give it a listen on the drive home.

What do you think? Did you enjoy “Sulphur and Starlight?” Are you looking forward to hearing more tracks from Summerland? Tell us in the comments!

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