Don Mancini Comments on Glen/Glenda’s Future in The ‘Child’s Play’ Franchise

After the latest installment in the Child’s Play franchise, Cult Of Chucky has been released, reviews have been mostly positive from horror fans. It was a solid continuation of the franchise and it brought something completely new to the table. However, there’s still one question this film didn’t answer: where is Chucky and Tiffany’s son, Glen? 

When we saw Glen for the first and last time in Seed Of Chucky, he and his split personality, Glenda, were possessing Jennifer Tilly’s two children. With Curse Of Chucky and Cult Of Chucky not even mentioning Glen/Glenda, I stated earlier that I was worried they were just going to be a factor that the filmmakers were going to pretend never existed. With Cult Of Chucky director, Don Mancini’s recent opinion on the matter, that might not be the case after all.

According to, Mancini told Daily Dead:

“I love those characters, and I love Billy Boyd. I would love to bring those characters back into the fold. Somehow, I want to find a way to do it in such a way that is going to please everybody. That’s my goal because it’s a pretty controversial character.” 

Mancini continues:

“I want to find a way to make it work so that everyone goes, ‘oh, yeah. That actually is cool.’ So hopefully one day, we’ll see Glen and Glenda again.”

Do you hope to see this duo again, or do you think the Glen/Glenda storyline should stay dead and buried? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Be sure to check out Cult Of Chucky, which is now available on Netflix, and our review of Cult Of Chucky down below! Also, don’t forget to follow PopHorror on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!

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