The supernatural horror movie Remnants (2020) is the 10th film produced by indie group Absurd Productions Pictures.

Director Mark Byrne Swerves Into Supernatural Horror With Indie Feature, ‘Remnants’ (2020)

Things look grim — and bloody — in the newly released trailer for Remnants (2020), the 10th film released by indie outfit Absurd Productions Pictures. This supernatural horror film, which was by Director Mark Byrne, appears to move in VERY different directions from his last film, the lighthearted creature feature, Bigfoot! (2019).

An ambitious tycoon (Jim Krut: Dawn of the Dead 1978) hires two fixers (Matthew L. Furman: WrestleMassacre 2018 – read our review here, Thomas Touhey: Bigfoot!) to assemble a team of clairvoyants. Their sense and help give meaning to roaming “energies” — for a fee.

Director Mark Byrne taps into his dark side in the supernatural horror film Remnants (2020).

These wandering memories — or remnants — are trapped between their world and ours, and some of them don’t like it. But making money is only one of the motives at play, and a rampaging serial killer clown can only make things worse. (Or better, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.)

Remnants was filmed in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and is stocked with familiar indie faces like George Stover (Killer Campout 201 – read our review here), Monique Dupree (Shakespeare’s Sh*tstorm 2020), and Teacher Shortage’s Mel Heflin (read our interviews with her here and here).

Remnants (2020) centers on a group of clairvoyants who get in WAY over their heads.

Byrne said he’s aiming for a late April premiere in Waynesboro, PA. Keep checking in here at PopHorror and at Absurd Productions Pictures for details on dates, times, and locations, and an eventual physical copy release.

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