Vampire Flick ‘Descending’ Gets a Trailer – Finally!

After months of talking about it, PopHorror is proud to announce that the vampire film Descending has finally released a trailer. Check it out!

The official synopsis:

After all the vampires were killed off, one lone vampire, Cassandra (KateLynn Newberry), comes out of hiding and looks to kill vampire hunters Karver (TJ Sloan) and Paige (Melissa Zahs).

Descending is the third and final movie in the series created by Chad Zuver. It follows New Blood Rising and New Blood AwakeningDescending is produced by Shattered Images Films and is the directorial debut of Kayla Elizabeth (who played Jade the main vampire in the previous movies) and is co-written by Zuver and David E. Dargartz. The film stars some pretty recognizable names, including KateLynn Newberry, TJ Sloan, Moses Moseley, Melissa Zahs, Roger Conners, Amber Dawn Fox, Alex Vincent, and Lynn Lowery.

Earlier this year, PopHorror brought you the teaser trailer for the film. You can see that one here as well.

We have also interviewed quite a few of the cast and crew involved in Descending, including director Kayla Elizabeth (read our interview with her here), actress KateLynn Newbury (read our interview with her here), Child’s Play actor Alex Vincent (read our interview with him here), actor Roger Conners (read our interview with him here), Walking Dead actor Moses Moseley (read our interview with him here), actress Amber Dawn Fox (read our interview with her here), actor/writer David E. Dargartz (read our interview with him here) and writer Chad Zuver (read our interview with him here). Keep your eyes peeled, since there will be more Descending news to come from PopHorror – most notably an upcoming review!

The film was also accepted into the following film festivals: The Love Horror Short Film Festival, IndieWise, and it’s a semi-finalist at the Miami Epic Trailer Festival.

Descending is set to be released on December 31, 2017. Are you ready to sink your teeth into this vampire film?

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