Death Comes For Us All (2016) – Book Review

No one knows for certain the exact time or place when death will make its call. Eventually, we will all face the cold, hard truth of its inevitability. That is why we need to make the most of our time while we are here. Spend time with your family. Go on a vacation. Do something that scares you. Maybe horror novels scare you. If so, pick up a copy of Fox Sterling’s book Death Comes For Us All. It includes a collection of six unique horror stories that may keep you up to the wee hours of the morning. Allow me to indulge in a brief description of each. No worries, I’m not big on spoilers.


Perceived Reality – How do you know what you perceive to be real is actually real? This tale centers around Danny who isn’t quite sure which direction his life should take. Should he go into the military? Should he go to college? Should he become a murderer? Do any of these decisions matter in the end anyway?

Spreading A Plague – Simon is an educated man fresh out of college. He even landed a great job. Luck is not on his side, though. Six months into the job Simon gets fired. The rejection is too much to bear and depression sets in. Simon becomes obsessed with doing something people will remember him by. Spreading a massive plague across the world sounds like the answer.

When Winter Comes – Seasonal workers come and go. The winter months have made their presence known so a small managerial staff helps the departure process run smoothly. It can’t really run smoothly when a killer is on the loose, though, now can it?

Fate Brought Us Together – Matthew has been an outcast his entire life. Now that he is in college, he finds he is still an outcast. Then, he meets Katy. She is the first person who has genuinely taken an interest in him. Is she really unlike the others or will she open up Matthew’s dark side even further?

Gestation Of Evil – Robert has the picture perfect life with his wife Stacy. Then, he finds out she is pregnant. Robert does not want children. He has never wanted children. As Stacy’s pregnancy progresses, Robert starts to go mad. Will he get it together before he goes off the deep end? Probably not.

Shadow People – Sleep has never been easy for Roman. He could never shake the feeling that a presence was following him. Are the shadow people just in his imagination or is his life at stake?

death comes for us all

I definitely enjoyed this book. The writing style was fascinating to me. Sterling also added a clever touch to the end of each story whereas a news article is written about each incident. I felt like I was given a bonus feature! My favorite stories were Spreading A Plague and Gestation Of Evil. Both are the embodiment of unwanted circumstances and how that can lead to insanity. You know you have read a great story when you still think about it afterward. I love when books do that!

Overall, two thumbs up from this gal! Death Comes For Us All is available on Amazon so be sure to download and check it out. This is the first book Fox Sterling has written so I would be interested to see more from him in the future.



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