Dave Kerr’s ‘Bloody Summer Camp’: Kickstarting An ’80s Homage

Since the 2017 release of Dave Kerr’s directorial debut, Curse of the Slasher Nurse (read our review here), this filmmaker, avid horror fan and founder of Slasher 15 Productions has been busy. Following the recent premiere of his second film and sequel to the first, Return of the Slasher Nurse (review coming soon), the writer/director/producer announced even more bloody gruesome goodness to come! Launching a Kickstarter campaign last weekend to fund his next project, Bloody Summer Camp, Kerr is giving fans of ’80s horror a chance to become involved in creating something from the passion of horror that we all know, love and share.

Dave Kerr, Amber Fulcher and Wayne Townsend at celebrity meet and greets

In the spirit of cult classic slashers from the ’80s, Kerr is bringing back the traditional, isolated wilderness set, back in a time with limited communication. There’s nowhere to run… only one way to call for help… few to hear you scream. However, Bloody Summer Camp is no reboot, remake or sequel. With the script already penned, Kerr promises an original story that pays homage to nostalgic ’80s horror.

Taking place in ’86, Bloody Summer Camp will open with the counselors of Camp Trustfall preparing for a fun-filled summer in the great outdoors. The fun is cut short when a masked killer begins picking off the staff members one by one, leaving a trail of bodies as whispers of an old camp legend begin to resurface.

Contributions budget breakdown

Joining Kerr on this project are producers Amber Fulcher (Curse of the Slasher Nurse franchise) and Wayne Townsend (Eaten Alive In Uganda), along with Return of the Slasher Nurse’s Mark Posey as the masked killer. Contributing backer perks range from film pre-orders, backer credit, t-shirts, signed photos, film scripts, movie props and the chance to play the killer in one scene! Visit here for the campaign, as well as a sneak peak, Dave Kerr’s story, perk details and more!

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