‘Dark Web: Mystery Box’ – The Indie Horror Anthology Shot Entirely In Quarantine Is Now Available

Recently released by Vestra Pictures and Mort House Films, is Dark Web: Mystery Box, an anthology blending independent horror, popular YouTube personalities, and the growing fascination with the Dark Web. All segments featured were shot while in quarantine from around the world in hopes of offering horror fans a new source of entertainment and currently Dark Web: Mystery Box is available to watch for FREE, until April 30th, on the Mort House Films YouTube channel. Check it out down below and spread the word!

Check out the trailer – HERE!

“VHS is having somewhat of a comeback, a resurgence with cult media collectors who collect video nasties, cult shot on video splatter films and big-box ex-rentals, but a blank VHS tape is worthless it holds no value unless lying deep within the magnetic tape is a curse, or a myth, or a brain-changing sequence of images, lights, and wording all strategically put together to create a creepypasta for the video logging generation.”

“A Dark Web Mystery Box normally contains terrifying items, eerie, creepy items like children toys, human hair, blood stained clothing, satanic symbols and in most cases will give clues to a murder which has been committed.”

Dark Web: Mystery Box is a creepy and truly wonderful example of indie horror adapting to the current climate. With one video blogger after another receiving the same mysterious VHS tape containing horrifying images reminiscent of snuff footage, subsequent strange happenings begin to plague each who have witnessed the tape.

Dark Web stars Shawn C. Phillips ‘CoolDuder’ (Virus of the Dead), Sarah Schultz (Friday the 13th: Legacy) Julie Anne Prescott (Teacher Shortage) Dane Keil (Blood of the Mummy) Rheanon Nicole (Selfie) Emil Johansson, Eliza Sica (Love in the Time of Violence) Gemma Wilks (Skullz) as well as producers and directors Tony Newton (Vestra Pictures) and Josh Schultz (Mort House Films).

You can keep updated on all things Vestra Pictures by clicking HERE and Mort House Films by clicking HERE and be sure to keep a lookout for a Dark Web: Mystery Box Bundle that will include a DVD of the film, shirt, poster and other mystery items!

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