‘Cujo’ Remake Gets A Bizarre New Title

Stephen King adaptations and remakes are happening more and more often. So far this year, we have The Mist, IT, Castle Rock, and Mr. Mercedes, and now Cujo. The Cujo remake will be titled C.U.J.O. — hmm interesting.

C.U.J.O is to stand for Canine Unit Joint Operations, which has us wondering how far they’re going to stray away from the original. Lang Elliott, head of Sunn Classic Pictures, is set to direct the remake based on the 1981 Stephen King novel. 

According to Film School Rejects:

The latest update comes via press release focused on actor DJ Perry (Ghost Town: The Movie) signing on to star. The character he’ll play is not revealed, though, and if you recall the 1983 adaptation the main characters consist of a mother (Dee Wallace), her young son (Danny Pintauro) and a killer St. Bernard. He could be the husband/father or the sheriff perhaps. Here is what Lang had to say about the actor in the release: “DJ Perry sets a new refreshing standard from the typical Hollywood actors. Besides being extremely talented, DJ does stunts, martial arts and can stop bullets with his teeth! He does it all.” That last talent will be good if Cujo is armed in this version.

So, what do you guys think about this new title and details for Cujo remake? Let us know.



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