Crowdfunding Campaign For Studio 605’s ‘Cinematic Reality’

I’m been following the crew at Studio 605 since The Wicked One (read my review of the film here) was released last year, and I’ve reviewed several of their features and shorts, including I Love Mackenzie ReynoldsDon’t Fuck in the Woods, and Scream for Summer. Studio 605 is known for their horror movies, but their latest project, Cinematic Reality, is more of a thriller/drama and a bit of a departure from the genre, but it still sounds pretty excellent. Check out all the details on the film below then read on for the details of their IndieGoGo campaign,

From the Cinematic Reality crowdfunding page:

After five years of making slasher films and horror shorts, the team at Studio 605 is ready to take on a true dramatic thriller. A story of misdirected lives, unforeseen consequences, and the deadly cost when perception becomes Cinematic Reality.

The story for Cinematic Reality began several years ago in the mind of film enthusiast Alex Gottmann.  He pitched his story to Brandon Prewitt of Studio 605 and soon they both developed a treatment for Prewitt to write a screenplay.  After an 18 month long writing process and several production setbacks, Gottmann and the team at Studio 605 are ready to bring this story to life.  The talent has been cast, the crew has been assembled, the locations are locked, all we need is your help to finish this dream.

Studio 605 LLC is a limited liability company based out of Rising Sun, Indiana that specializes in film and video production.  The team is lead by Roman Jossart, Brandon Prewitt and Travis Wilson, and together they have been producing short films and feature length projects for over five years.  Their 2016 production, The Wicked One, received nation wide distribution, and their 2017 project, Scream for Summer, is seeking distribution.  They have had several other films selected to multiple film festivals across the nation.

Cinematic Reality will feature a wide range of very talented and experienced cast members.  Along with Studio 605 member Roman Jossart (Scream for Summer, The Wicked One, Don’t Fuck in the Woods, Campground: The Requel) the film will include Cliff Scantland (Campground: The Requel), Kayla Stone (Don’t Fuck in the Woods, Campground: The Requel), Taylor Wilson (I Love MacKenzie Reynolds), V.A. Bennett (I Love Mackenzie Reynolds, Campground: The Requel), Tyler Riley (Angel, Scream for Summer, Diary of a Sociopath, The Woods Within), Clay Orem (Campground: The Requel, The Woods Within), Justin Beahm (Betsy, Dead Bounty, Silk, Sharknado), James Tackett (Angel, The Freeze, United We Fall, Faces, Scream for Summer, The Wicked One), Sophia Manyet (Scream for Summer, Night of 1000 Clowns, 75), and several other amazing people.

Studio 605 and its members are producing Cinematic Reality.  Brandon Prewitt wrote the script and will be directing.  He hand selected some of the very best crew members in the indie film community.  Rob Collins and Stephen J. Hodke from TaintBad Productions will also be helping with the film’s overall production.

Cinematic Reality is halfway through its IndieGoGo campaign. While offering the standards such as DVDs and Blu-Rays, the campaign also includes copies of Studio 605’s previous films, signed scripts, weekly personalized update videos, set photos, a flash drive full of behind the scenes and bloopers, a date with the Studi0 605 guys, a used clapboard from production, a bloody shirt from production as well as producer credit. If you are interested in supporting the campaign, you can do so here.

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