Crowdfunding Campaign Launches For ‘Jesus Christ Motherf*cker’

Johnny Macabre is one of the most prolific indie horror producers working today, so much so that I struggle to keep up with all of his projects. In the case of his latest, Jesus Christ Motherf*cker, I couldn’t forget about it if I tried.

The Christploitation film launched its IndieGoGo campaign today. Check out all the details below.

Official Synopsis:

A story 2000 years in the making! Jesus is back… with a vengeance! Framed, nailed to a chunk of wood, and left to die, Jesus (Daeg Faerch of RZ’s Halloween) is looking to get even. Teaming with his one-eyed hooker sidekick, Mary (scream queen Elissa Dowling), he must dig through the seedy underbelly of deities to uncover the conspiracy.

You’ve seen The Passion of the Christ. Now… behold his Fury! Jesus Christ Motherfucker is written and directed by Jason Hawkins (All American Bully, Blair Witch Legacy), and produced by Johnny Macabre (Don’t Fuck in the Woods franchise, Crepitus). Johnny will also be making his feature acting debut as Lucifer in a cast which also included actress Michelle Nessk (O. Unilateralis) as the Hindu goddess Kali, performance artist Nik Sin as God, and Mickey Faerch in a so-far undisclosed role. In addition to this fantastic cast, the team also includes legendary special effects artist Joe Castro (Wishmaster franchise, Bonehill Road).

The Indiegogo for the project just launched on July 27 and includes tons of fantastic and creative perks! In addition to typical crowdfunding fare such as DVD’s and producer credits, this campaign also offers unique memorabilia such as handmade personalized rosaries, “Jesus Juice” custom unisex cologne, and personalized land deeds for plots of land in hell! You can check out these perks and more at their campaign here:

Production is slated for Fall of this year! More information can be found on their Facebook page hereJesus Christ Motherf*cker sounds like a blasphemy filled good time, and I’m more than a little curious to see how it turns out. What do you think about the film? Are you interested in checking it out, or do you think its too much? Let us know in the comments.

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