‘Crocodylus’ Gets New Promo Teaser!

Something I believe we need more of in the horror genre is creature feature movies. There is just something fun about killer animals that bring out good old-fashioned horror fun. I really enjoy films like Lake Placid and Rogue. Of course, Jaws is one of my top films. I mean, this is pretty much why I stay out of the water. A bit ago, we reported a trailer for the upcoming film, Crocodylus. It just teased us enough. Now a brand new teaser has been released. Let’s watch it below!

Crocodylus Film Poster

Crocodylus Synopsis:

A dark secret is unearthed by a local farmer. Local Paleontologists reveal its the remains of a prehistoric monster Crocodylus. It’s tribal seal has been broken unleashing terror upon the local townspeople.

Crocodylus is written by Michael McLaren and Myles Erfurth. The film is directed by Myles Erfurth.  Crocodylus stars Roberto Escobar, Mario Nalini, Nicholas Kolasinksi and Michael McLaren, along with Dawn Soleri, Noa Lindberg and Courtney Dlugos rounding out the cast.

Here is the new promo trailer!

These guys have done an excellent job teasing us. We don’t really get to see the creature at all yet, forcing us to wait for the film! This teaser goes through the cast, but no Crocodylus! I have to say, I kind of do want to see this one. How about you? Do you want to see this film? What are some of your favorite animals gone bad films? Let us know in the comments below!

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