Crystal Lake Publishing Announces ‘Classic Monsters Unleashed’ Anthology

When it comes to horror fiction, you can’t go wrong with the classics, like Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon, iconic characters with an undeniable appeal that continue to inspire the writers and filmmakers alike. Crystal Lake Publishing recently announced a short story anthology, Classic Monsters Unleashed, featuring new stories about our beloved monsters that’s been edited by Weird Tales’ editor and Dead Jack author James Aquilone. Check out the amazing cover art for Classic Monsters Unleashed below from Colton Worley and design by Shawn T. King, who has previously done covers for the Dead Jack series. Then read on for the details of what writers with be featured and who their stories are centered on.

Classic Monsters Unleashed will feature writers Joe R. Lansdale (Jack the Ripper),  F. Paul Wilson (Frankenstein), Jonathan Maberry (Dr. Moreau), Ramsey Campbell (Count Magnus), Richard Christian Matheson (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde), Lisa Morton (Headless Horseman), Tim Waggoner (a character inspired by The Wolfman), Owl Goingback (Dracula), Linda Addison (a character inspired by The Blob), Seanan McGuire (Mad Scientists), Maurice Broaddus (Invisible Man), Dacre Stoker & Leverett Butts (Dracula), Alessandro Manzetti (Mina Harker & a Classic Monsters poem), John Palisano (a character based on Creature From the Black Lagoon), Rena Mason (a character based on The Mummy), Mercedes M. Yardley (Dorian Gray), Monique Snyman (a character based on The Fly), Lucy A. Snyder (Phantom of the Opera), and Gary A. Braunbeck (a story inspired by Cat People). Classic Monsters Unleashed will feature art by  Frank Frazetta, Sam Shearon, and Colton Worley & Shawn T King (who did the amazing cover art). The Kickstarter campaign for preorders launches on Monday. Independent Legions has picked up Classic Monsters Unleashed and will translate the anthology into Italian for release.
Classic Monsters Unleashed sounds like it will be a fun read with tons of stories by an extremely talented group of writers. Are you thinking about picking up a copy when the campaign launches? Let us know in the comments!

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