Check Out The Official Trailer and Poster For The German Indie Film ‘Reyes’

It is not very often that you can say a film has international support – especially indie films. Producer Patrick Templin (Toxic Apocalypse 2016) has not only gotten cast and crew from Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria and his home country of Germany to help create the film Reyes, but this project also just happens to be his first project as a director. As the cast and crew ready themselves to begin the filming process, Uprise Pictures has released both the trailer and the official poster.

The official synopsis:

A down-at-heel author who is trying to get his life back on track is getting into the vortex of an almighty death cult and finds out soon that his destiny is connected to a mysterious woman. Will he be able to get free and to save her by dashing the secret society or will it get even stronger?

The official poster for ‘Reyes.’

Besides Templin, the film employs director Rene Wiesner (ABCs of Superheroes 2015) in roles both behind and in front of the camera. Reyes stars Shawn C. Phillips (Grave Encounters 2 2012) from the US, Bill Hutchens (Human Centipede 2 2011) from Australia, Kim Sønderholm (O’ Bloody Night 2017) from Denmark, Patrick Jahns (Bunker Of the Dead 2015) from Austria, and Antonio Monroi (Apocalypto 2006) from Mexico, as well as German newcomer Aileen Dankyi-Sampong (also known as the pop singer Caramelle). Templin, Wiesner and Peter Ahlers (SkateCop 2017) combined their talents to co-write the film’s screenplay.

Producer Flavio Speglitz (SkateCop 2017) has announced that filming for Reyes will begin in the second half of 2017. Although the film is currently self-financed, Templin still hopes for the support of sponsors. If you are interested in helping the team create this international suspense thriller, you can contact them through their Facebook page. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for more news from PopHorror to find out when the official release of Reyes will be.

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