Check Out The Kickstarter For New Horror, Inner Ghosts!

Have you ever wanted to contribute to and support an indie horror film? Here’s your chance! Inner Ghosts is a new film that’s SO close to being completed, but, unfortunately, the filmmakers ran out of money too soon. To raise the remaining funds, they started a crowdfunding campaign – and are asking for your help to get this film finished. Learn more about what this film is about and th details on the project.

Inner Ghosts is director João Alves’ feature film debut from a script written by Paulo Leite. The cast is composed of Celia Williams, Elizabeth Bochmann, Iris Cayatte, Norman MacCallum, and more. The official poster is horrifyingly awesome and the story is quite intriguing.

(Synopsis provided by

Helen (Celia Williams) is a brain researcher and medium trying to develop a revolutionary therapy to treat degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. To prove her theories, she needs to run cognitive tests on ghosts – beings who apparently can act and remember without the need of a physical brain – suggesting that unresponsive patients whose brains are too damaged to function can be accessed, somehow, through their living souls.

After the death of her mentor, Helen finds an apartment inhabited by benign ghosts who agree to be tested. The problem is Helen renounced her gift 15 years ago after the loss of her daughter when she made a vow never to contact the other side again. Things change when an artist, Esla (Elizabeth Bachmann), begs Helen for some spiritual training, hoping to get rid of a demon who has been haunting her for many years. Will she go along with it?

With Inner Ghosts so close to being ready, they are now asking the horror community to help bring this story to life. Check out all the details down below!

inner ghosts

They have a message for contributors:

“We wrote, developed, and produced Inner Ghosts because we love horror and we love the people who love horror films. Film is an expensive medium. It is much less expensive than it was 20 years ago, but still quite expensive if you really want to do it right. We are now in sound post and from the development until now, we were able to make every euro count. We took the project as far as we would go with what we had.

Now we are thrilled to bring the project to the best community in the world: Horror fans! You are the reason why we are doing all of this, and Kickstarter has some of the best horror fans in the world! That’s why we are asking for your support. That’s why we are opening our film and ourselves to you. Sound matters! The film turned out too good. We need a sound post that will do it justice. We will need real music, real ADR, real foley, real sound mix. Real deliverables. So you will get not just the best horror story, you will experience the best film.

We want you to experience Inner Ghosts as true horror fans should! Our campaign starts in April. Check the amazing rewards we have and enjoy Inner Ghosts!”

They are so close to completing their film! If you’d like to donate and earn rewards in the process, you can check out their Kickstarter below! 

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