Check Out the New Stuff in the PopHorror Shop!

Just recently, PopHorror opened a brand new store full of all kinds of delicious horror goodies. There’s a tab for it right at the top of every page on our site under SHOP. Have you checked it out yet? If not, you should! Look at some of this awesome stuff!

There’s an entire page of Funko Pop! figures, including Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myters, hannibal Lector, Chucky, Pennywise, Pinhead, Ash vs Evil Dead, Predator and more! There are regular sized figures and keychains, all in that classic Funko Pop! style.

There is also a page of Collectibles. This is my favorite page and the place where I buy the most stuff. Not only are there Hellrasier puzzle box fuzzy dice to hang from your rear view mirror, but there’s also Living Dead dolls of Pennywise and Reagan (who can pose into the down the stairs crab walk position), a Twin Peaks bobble sign and Mr. Potato Head PopTaters as Freddy, Jason, Predator and the Alien Queen!

My favorite item on this page is the Necronomicon journal. Look at that thing!

Last but not least is the Badass Stuff page, where you’ll find some of the coolest candy bowls, statues, dolls, puppets, and cookie jars. We also have this exclusive Predator that you can’t get anywhere else!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll back up to the top of the page and check out the brand new shop on PopHorror. You never know what you’ll find!

Do you have merchandise you’d like to sell in our shop? Send an email over to and find out how!

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As the co-owner and Editor-in-Chief of, Tracy has learned a lot about independent horror films and the people who love them. Now an approved critic for Rotten Tomatoes, she hopes the masses will follow her reviews back to PopHorror and learn more about the creativity and uniqueness of indie horror movies.

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