Chase Dudley’s ‘Overdue’ Casting Announcement

The Halloween season may have just ended, but that doesn’t stop the indie horror scene. There’s no rest for the wicked and the show must go on. In preparation to begin shooting next spring, filmmaker and founder of Cut to the Chase Productions, Chase Dudley (read our interview with him here), has announced a cast lineup for his next feature film, Overdue, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Combining the universe created in two of Dudley’s previous films, Past Due and Marvelous Mandy, Overdue will tell the story of a disturbed librarian who attempts to win the love of a girl leading him to embark on a killing spree.

Many indie horror fans will recognize the familiar face of David McMahon as he has been announced for the role of Sidney Ross. Known for his work in Stephen Biro’s American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon (read our review here) and Todd Sheets’ Bonehill Road (read our review here), we can’t wait to see David own this upcoming part!

Joining him on screen is Debra Lamb who has been announced to play the part of Agnes Ross. Knowing that she’s worked with acclaimed directors such as John Hughes and David Lynch, this comes as welcome and exciting news! Known for her role in the indie comedy horror There’s No Such Thing as Zombies, Debra has also been announced for director Albert Pyun’s Bad Ass Angels and Demons. We cannot wait to see this talent grace the screen in all of these highly anticipated indie features!

Both of these talents have been nabbed for the upcoming film, Teacher Shortage, from filmmaker Troy Escamilla, so we’ll be seeing them together again soon!

Making her second Cut to the Chase Productions appearance is Amber Dawn Fox (read our interviews with her here and here) as Mandy. Known as Officer Bello on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead, Amber also starred in Dudley’s soon-to-be released feature film, Beasts of the Field. She is no stranger to horror, so we look forward to seeing Amber dominate this role from beginning to end!

Amber isn’t alone in returning to Cut to the Chase Productions. Marking his third feature film under the direction of Dudley is Tory Beckham who appeared in the filmmaker’s previous films, Payday and Beasts of the Field. We look forward to seeing Beckham’s third go-around in his announced role of Brad Fulton!

Other exciting names announced for the cast lineup also include several newcomers to the indie horror scene. Kelsey Walsh will be starring as Karen Reynolds, Savannah Schafer will be starring as Melissa Darling, Amy Thompson will be taking on the role of Det. Paige Birk and Casey Miracle will portray Det. Randy Williams.

With recognizable names and talent locked in and attracting attention, we look forward to seeing what each cast member brings to their role in Overdue. We’re excited for this ambitious project as it gets off the ground and gears up for production with an expected release in 2020.

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