Popular Horror Movie Trailers

The Trailers on PopHorror are mostly Horror movie Trailers.  We feature mainstream or pop culture horror and indie horror.  Posts or pages with trailers often show some of the most exciting films that are coming soon to theaters, TV, or digital.  The trailers are a peak into what the Director, Producer, or Editor have in mind to entice you into buying a ticket, download or investing your time to watch the movie.   We say mostly horror because let’s be real popular horror is a large topic and includes other close genres, including suspense, supernatural, and even TV.

The Horror Halloween Anthology ’10/31/16′ Secures Directors!

Well, this year is becoming more fantastic little by little with exciting horror news. Not only do I love anthologies, but I especially enjoy horror Halloween themed ones and 10/31/16 is just that! They have just announced their official directors for the project and I, as well as the rest of …

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New Trailer for Alien: Covenant has been released!

new trailer for alien

Just recently, we posted the newest poster for Alien: Covenant and to our surprise the new trailer has been released one day early! What a treat for fans! Check it out down below… you won’t be disappointed! We think the new trailer for Alien: Covenant looks absolutely amazing – giving …

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Visitor (2017) Horror Short Review

Writer and director Roger Sampson (The Origin of Species) may be on to something here. He is rapidly becoming one of the most well known and best short story director/writers in the industry. His latest short, Visitor, will leave you with a lot of questions and begging for more. The ultra beautiful Ashley …

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First Official Trailer/Poster for Crepitus Starring Bill Moseley


We’ve been bringing you Crepitus news from day one and we’re excited to announce that the official trailer and poster has arrived! Are you guys ready? Official Synopsis: “Seventeen year old Elizabeth and her younger sister Sam are thrust into circumstances more terrifying than life with their abusive, drunken mother …

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Teaser Trailer for Season 2 of Stranger Things Brings Excitment and Suspense!

season 2 of stranger things

The moment we’ve waiting for during this whole Super Bowl game has finally arrived – the teaser trailer for Season 2 of Stranger Things! Check it out down below. Holy shit?! That kicked major ass. I loved how they started it out with an old school commercial of “l’eggo my …

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Ghosts of Darkness Trailer 2017 – March 1st Release Date

Filtering through the recent string of possession flicks has been quite the task, as of late. Anything that is a supernatural film suddenly has an exorcism in it. Well, get ready for the first intense ghost story of 2017. Ghosts of Darkness follows two paranormal investigators who have been given, …

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Santa Clarita Diet Trailer – Coming to Netflix February 3rd!

Netflix… You are beginning to really show that you want to work things out. As if Stranger Things wasn’t amazing enough it looks like the streaming giant is dipping its toes in the horror pond once again. This time it is with the upcoming horror comedy, Santa Clarita Diet. The …

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Official Trailer for “Close Calls” is Chillingly Perfect

I’ve been keeping a close eye on an upcoming film because every aspect about it has me wanting to know more. I was thrilled to discover that a new clip was released for this insanely awesome retro film. Everyone check out the newest official trailer for Close Calls by S & Drive …

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