Popular Horror Movie Trailers

The Trailers on PopHorror are mostly Horror movie Trailers.  We feature mainstream or pop culture horror and indie horror.  Posts or pages with trailers often show some of the most exciting films that are coming soon to theaters, TV, or digital.  The trailers are a peak into what the Director, Producer, or Editor have in mind to entice you into buying a ticket, download or investing your time to watch the movie.   We say mostly horror because let’s be real popular horror is a large topic and includes other close genres, including suspense, supernatural, and even TV.

‘The Monster Squad’s’ Andre Gower Stars in ‘Baby Frankenstein’

How can you not be intrigued by something called Baby Frankenstein? I know I definitely was, so I had to check out the teaser trailer for it. You should too… but beware… they’re not lying when they call it a tease! Presented by Barefoot Girl Productions, Baby Frankenstein is directed …

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Check Out the Heart-Pounding Trailer for ‘The Marshes’

Some trailers give away too much while others barely show anything. The new heart-pounding trailer for The Marshes gives us just enough to make us terrified but intrigued to see more. Check it out for yourself! Produced by 28 Productions, The Marshes is written and directed by Roger Scott with a …

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Stephen King’s Castle Rock about to Begin Filming

According to the Lowell Sun, the new Castle Rock series by Stephen King and J.J. Abrams will be going in front of cameras soon. Are you excited? According to the article: “The production crews are starting to build sets on site. Filming is expected to begin in August and run …

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Check Out the New Flatliners (2017) Trailer!

What is the one thing that gets a horror fan’s blood pumping more then the opening day of a film’s release? More often then not, it’s going to be the trailer. I know some don’t like to watch movie trailers as they feel it gives too much of the plot …

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Release Date and Trailer for ‘The Gracefield Incident’

We’re half way through 2017, but there’s plenty of horror movies to enjoy! Summer has arrived and a new horror trailer is being released ever day. Here’s the trailer for The Gracefield Incident, a new thrilling horror mystery. Distributed by Momentum Pictures, The Gracefield Incident is a new thrilling horror mystery …

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‘Awaken the Shadowman’ (2017) Trailer Review

A shadow person is a patch of shadow in the form of a humanoid that is believed to be the presence of a supernatural entity. This is the premise of J.S. Wilson’s film Awaken the Shadowman. Awaken the Shadowman is Wilson’s first time in the director’s chair with the script …

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There’s A New Killer in Town in the Trailer for ‘Death Pool’ (2017)

Just when you think you’ve seen every water-related horror movie out there, another one comes along. Check out the trailer for Death Pool from MTI Home Video! No one can hear you scream underwater… Death Pool is directed and written by Jared Cohn (Little Dead Rotting Hood, The Horde) with a cast …

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The Dark Mile (2017) Gets A Trailer

Completed March 2017, The Dark Mile is a psychological thriller that says is like Deliverance (1972) meets Rosemary’s Baby (1960). Since the film is about a London couple traversing the Scottish Highlands, I can see where there Deliverance comparison might have come from, but I’m pretty dang curious about …

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Get Creeped Out with the Mr. Mercedes Teaser Trailer


Stephen King’s terrifying tale, Mr. Mercedes is coming to the small screen soon on AT&T Audience Network on August 9th. This 15-second teaser trailer is our first look at what may be in store. In the clip, Detective Bill Hodge (Brendan Gleeson) finds a tennis ball on his lawn as he …

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