Popular Horror Movie Trailers

The Trailers on PopHorror are mostly Horror movie Trailers.  We feature mainstream or pop culture horror and indie horror.  Posts or pages with trailers often show some of the most exciting films that are coming soon to theaters, TV, or digital.  The trailers are a peak into what the Director, Producer, or Editor have in mind to entice you into buying a ticket, download or investing your time to watch the movie.   We say mostly horror because let’s be real popular horror is a large topic and includes other close genres, including suspense, supernatural, and even TV.

Are You Ready for Season 13 of ‘Supernatural’?

Supernatural is soon on its way to Season 13 and fans can’t wait. Comic-Con released a Season 12 wrap up video along with some perfect music to go with it. It really sets the perfect tone of what happened last season and the long ahead. See for yourself! Jared Padalecki, …

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A First Look At ‘My Friend Dahmer’ (2017) – Trailer and News

It’s always interesting when a former Disney star partakes in such a serious and disturbing role such as playing Jeffrey Dahmer. After its premiere at SDCC as well as the Fantasia International Film Festival, we finally get to see Ross Lynch in action with the trailer for My Friend Dahmer. …

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Extraordinary New Comic-Con Trailer for ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

The San Diego Comic-Con is putting out so many freaking awesome trailers! The newest one? Stranger Things Season 2, baby! Holy ghosts and goblins, Batman! This trailer is the best one I’ve seen yet! It revealed so much that we were wondering about (without giving too much away) and gave …

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San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Art for ‘IT’

san diego comic con

If you’re not attending the San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you’re definitely missing out. There’s going to be a lot of fun events including exclusive IT related things. First, we’re loving the San Diego Comic Con exclusive art for IT! Now that’s a poster worth a million words without being too …

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Move Over Jack Frost: ‘The Snowman’ is Here – Official Trailer

the snowman

During this scorching hot summer, many people can’t wait for the coolness of winter. For those who are counting the days, you should check out the official trailer for The Snowman. It may just send a chill down your spine! The Snowman is directed by Tomas Alfredson (Let the Right One …

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‘A Night In The Cabin’ Debuts First Official Trailer

A Night In The Cabin

In 2015, Screenwriter Erik Kammerland and Director Johan Bodell had a vision. They set out to make a modestly budgeted horror film in Sweden using American talent. In 2016, filming commenced and that dream became a reality. Now, six months and one Kickstarter campaign later, the duo is proud to …

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‘Book of Monsters’ Lets You Choose How Characters Die!

book of monsters

There’s always different ways that films get the audience to participate, but Stewart Sparke’s new film Book of Monsters is bringing in a whole new level of audience participation. The audience actually will get to choose how each of the characters dies!  Book of Monsters is about six strong women who …

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From the Producer of ‘Halloween’ Comes the Official Trailer for ‘The Hatred’

Looking for a film that will actually scare you and haunt your dreams? The new spooky horror thriller, The Hatred, may just be it! Check out the creepy trailer down below along with other details about the film. Formerly known as Alice, The Hatred is directed and written by Michael G. Kehoe with …

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Artsploitation Brings Holiday Cheer with First Photos of ‘Red Christmas’

Most of us are not quite ready for Christmas yet, but we’re always down for a Christmed themed horror movie! There’s quite a few coming out this year and Red Christmas is definitely one we want to see. Check out the trailer down below! Veteran television director and actor Craig Anderson …

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