‘DOOM’ Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl This Summer!

DOOM Soundtrack

The soundtrack for id Software’s seminal masterpiece, DOOM, is coming to vinyl this summer! The release is available in four different editions for this first person shooter, including a 2 Disc CD version and a Four-LP Special Edition pressed on red 180 gram wax. There’s even a version that includes BOTH the Four-LP …

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‘Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice’ Xbox One Review

Last year, Ninja Theory’s Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice took the gaming world by storm. The PS4 and Windows game earned high praise from critics and gamers alike, eventually winning awards such as Best Narrative and Best Performance for Melina Juergens at The Game Awards. Now, the highly praised game has come to Xbox …

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‘Dead Rising’ Franchise Being Brought Back By Capcom

Even after disappointing sales numbers and a lackluster response towards Capcom’s last entry in the Dead Rising series, they’ve still decided to give the zombie franchise one more shot.  According to a post on Capcom’s official website, the game developer has decided to give Dead Rising another entry. Although, this does not come …

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Announcing Microsoft’s Un-Halloween Horror Spectacular Sale!

Today is an amazing day for horror gamers. Starting today, April 17 to April 23, Microsoft has just unleashed a huge sale on a bunch of amazing horror games for the Xbox One and PC and the sale is called The Un-Halloween Horror Spectacular. It is in celebration of the …

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Horror Game ‘Agony’ Will Have Optional Censorship Patch

Upcoming survival horror game Agony has come under some scrutiny due to the extreme amounts of violence, torture and nudity that will be prevalent in the game. So much so, that to ensure a console release, developer Madmind Studio had to cut out quite a bit from the game. After consulting with …

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Isle of The Dead (1993) PC Game Review

When you think horror games, you think Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Bioshock, or the more recent Alien: Isolation. Back in the 1980s, Nintendo and Atari’s limited graphics made it almost impossible for horror-based video games to be scary. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street …

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Blue Wizard Digital’s ‘Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle’ Game Review

From the people who brought you Slayaway Camp and Plants vs Zombies comes a brand new puzzle game for iOS, Android and Steam. This past Friday, April 13th, Blue Wizard Digital released Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle, a strategy horror game where you get to be Jason Voorhees himself as he …

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Mad Monster Inks Kane Hodder To Appear As NES and Hell Jasons!

Tom Savini's 'Hell Jason'

If you are a horror fan living in Arizona you’re in for a treat. The one and only Kane Hodder will be appearing as Jason Voorhees. But not the Jason Voorhees you know and love from Friday the 13th Parts VII – X. Kane will be appearing as Jason from …

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‘ReAnimator The Board Game’ Now Available For Pre-Order

ReAnimator The Board Game

Dynamite Entertainment took to Kickstarter in September of 2017 to bootstrap their horrifying vision: ReAnimator The Board Game! Based on H.P. Lovecraft’s terrifying tale, the project was funded in no time thanks to rabid fan reaction and generous promotion from sites like Nerdist. A few short months later, the game …

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