Women in Horror Month

Women in Horror Month Recasting an Icon: Jackie Voorhees

We’re going strong with Women in Horror Month at PopHorror, and that means it’s time to stop playing around. There’s one name in horror that everybody knows. There’s one face-obscuring piece of athletic equipment that makes lusty teenagers run in fear. There’s one undead Super Slasher that deserves new life …

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Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies

In honor of Women In Horror Month 2019, we at PopHorror have created a list of Top 10 Female Villains In Horror Movies. Over the years in the horror world, women have gained more and more of the recognition they deserve. Today we are tipping our hats to Top 10 Female …

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FGBFF 2019 – Growing Pains Short Block – Review

The 2019 Final Girls Berlin Film Festival (FGBBF) has released the demons that lurk within, showcasing short films that highlight the pure bliss of indie writers and directors. I was fortunate to have picked a block of films that fall within the growing pains category. The Growing Pains Short Block …

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Women in Horror Month 2019: Interview with Amanda Sidoti – Voodoo Bath and Apothecary

Women in Horror Month consumes most of my time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have the chance to talk with so many talented women in the industry and it’s truly an honor. Recently, I caught up with wife, mother, and artist Amanda Sidoti. She’s an incredibly …

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A Tribute to Drusilla: An Evil Woman in Horror


This month, we’re celebrating women who have made an impact to the horror genre. I find that the horror genre has vampires as one of the most prominent themes. From Dracula to True Blood, vampires are on the scene and continue to be popular. With Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrating its …

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