Women in Horror Month

WiHM Interview – Our Chat With Miss Misery Reyna Young

The month of February is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the creative minds of Women in Horror. There are so many insanely talented women in the industry who showcase their talents effortlessly. The entertainment industry is infused with actresses, directors, writers, producers, company owners, artists, musicians – you name it, …

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Women in Horror Month Recasting an Icon: Frida Krueger

Here we are…the grand finale of PopHorror’s Women in Horror Month’s Recasting An Icon series. The one takeaway from this that I have is how badly I wish these movies were real. Similar to my April Fool’s article about Golden Age Slashers, these movies and these actress’ performances deserve more …

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Women in Horror Month 2019: Interview with Hayley Summers

Hayley Summers

It’s another day in February, which means I’m delivering another Women in Horror interview to all of you wonderful people. This time up it’s the creative artist Hayley Summers. Hayley Summers is best known under the name NancyJars on Etsy for her amazing VHS Retro Lights. She is the original …

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Women in Horror Month 2019: Interview with Sarah Renner

Sarah Renner

One of the biggest projects I’ve covered thus far in my writing career was the indie horror film, Crepitus starring Bill Moseley. I did news pieces, editorials, interviews, and more. Now the time has come to interview one of the amazing women behind Crepitus, Sarah Renner. Sarah is a brilliant …

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