Never Hike Alone

By Popular Demand: ‘Never Hike Alone’ – 2nd Edition Blu Ray Release

Although Never Hike Alone (read our review – here) is a Friday the 13th fan film, if you ask me and many others, it is one of the BEST films in the “franchise”. The film is incredibly well done and reminds all of us horror fans on why we fell in love with Jason in the first place. By popular demand, Womp Stomp films is returning to Indiegogo for a second edition Blu-Ray!

Check out all the details down below in the official press release.

Never Hike Alone

Press Release for Never Hike Alone

Back by popular demand, Womp Stomp Films is excited to announce a return to Indiegogo this coming Thursday April 4, 2019, for a Second Edition Blu Ray Home Video release of Never Hike Alone: A Friday the 13th Fan Film.

“Since the completion of our previous campaign, our e-mail and social media message inboxes have been flooded with requests for copies of Never Hike Alone,” says Womp Stomp films founder and creator of Never Hike Alone, Vincente DiSanti.

At the time of the original home video campaign in March of 2018, Never Hike Alone had roughly 150,000 views on Youtube. Now, a year later, the film is closing in on 1,000,000 views, which has left many recent fans feeling left out.

“Unfortunately, we have been forced to turn away a lot of enthusiastic fans who discovered the film after the original campaign was long over. Our focus has always been to answer fan demands within a reasonable expectation. We certainly wouldn’t be pursuing this unless demand was overwhelming.”

Never Hike Alone

The new streamlined campaign will only feature the Second Edition Never Hike Alone Blu Ray and digital rewards. Bonus features include theatrical 5.1 surround sound, behind the scene documentary, audio commentary, subtitles, trailers, and all new case and disc artwork. DVD will NOT be included.

With a goal of $13,000, proceeds of this campaign will go directly towards the production of physical media along with packaging and shipping fees.

Additional funding will go towards Womp Stomp Films first original project “Pathosis,” a short film directed by award winning filmmaker Austin Bonang, as well as an additional “Secret Project” if the campaign reaches a stretch goal of $30,000.

Remaining proceeds will be contributed to the Penny Pines Reforestation Program and The JD Martz recovery fund.

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