‘By Night: Origins’ Anthology Series Releases Exclusive Clip

It wasn’t too long ago when we introduced you to the By Night: Origins anthology series with a trailer. You can read more about that here. Now the creators are back with a new, exclusive clip!

Check it out below…

From creator Matt Johnson

“Anthologies are on the rise. From Lore to Amazing Stories, Black Mirror, Room 104, Dimension 404 – they are back. But what sets By Night apart is the length. We are unabashedly short form, creative, fast, fun, terrifying morality tales you can view in 10-20 minutes. Maybe you watch one at lunch or right before bed. But at their core, they also return to quality storytelling of old with a wide variety of topics. Plus there is an amazing one world conspiracy through line mixed cleverly throughout. Our goal is anthology amplified!”

By Night: Origins

From creator Robert Uncles

“We were very conscious about what people already know about aliens, creatures and conspiracy theories but we put a new twist on them so that we weren’t falling into clichés. I think we came up with truly original takes on all of the popular stories one might think they know. Beyond that, we are creating a universe where these stories live in that doesn’t seem phony or unreal. You will be on the edge of your seat, I promise!”

By Night: Origins Final Thoughts

I have to say, this clip left me on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait to see By Night: Origins! We’ll bring you more news as we have it. In the meantime, check out their website here and follow them on Twitter @ByNightSeries!

How about you? What do you think about this brand new clip from the series? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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