Terrifying New Poster, Trailer, and Clips for ‘Brightburn’!

What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead of becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? That’s the terrifying premise of Brightburn, James Gunn’s (Guardians of the Galaxy franchise) upcoming superhero (Superman?) inspired horror film. What can I say? It looks KILLER! The movie’s due out in just over a week, so the hype train is picking up speed. We’ve got lots of cool stuff for you here!

Read on for all the details, but first, start by checking out the second official, extended trailer!

Brightburn Synopsis

The Breyers, a young farm couple who have been having trouble conceiving a child of their own, are at first afraid when they hear a loud crash on their land, but soon grow elated when they discover a baby boy in the woods.

Although he’s different from other children, they love him, but when he approaches puberty, he begins to develop strange powers and exhibits potentially dangerous and lethal behavior. They slowly come to terms with the fact that he could be evil.

Producer James Gunn’s cousin, Mark, and brother, Brian, wrote the screenplay for Director David Yarovesky (Goth Ravager in Guardians of the Galaxy). Brightburn stars Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games franchise), David Denman (The Gift 2015), Jackson A. Dunn (Shameless TV series), Matt Jones (Cooties 2014), and Meredith Hagner (Search Party TV series).

Check out this killer poster art!


The Man Behind the Mask

How creepy is that mask? Yikes! Talk about a dark take on a Superman character. According to James Gunn, creepy – terrifying, really – was the goal. He told Entertainment Weekly…

“I just gave so many notes on that mask, trying to create a really truly iconic horror movie character in the same way that Freddy Krueger is, or in the same way that Leatherface is, or in the same way that Jason is. Trying to create something with that same sort of feel that is instantly scary [and] plays with the superhero-ness of it all, but at the same time, is most definitely rooted in horror.”

Going for Freddy, Jason, or Leatherface? Rooted in horror? Now that’s right up our alley! EW has given us a Brightburn treasure trove this week. They’ve got two new clips from the film that give audiences a true taste of what they’re in for.

In the first clip, our super kid tests his powers… on a lawnmower!

Wow! This second clip is super creepy… and gory! Check out this extended, horrifying diner scene!

Final Thoughts

“He’s not here to save the world…”

Damn! That is some terrifying shit right there! I’m not sure we’re ready for a truly evil Superman. Oh, who am I kidding? We’ll be there opening weekend this Memorial Day!

What do you think? Did you enjoy the new trailer and clips? Are you going to check out Brightburn with us? Tell us in the comments!

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