Breaking Down The Walking Dead Season 7 Trailer

The San Diego Comic Con was last weekend and it presented quite a show for fanboys of all genres. The Justice League & Wonder Woman trailers, the Blair Witch trailer, and so much more. One trailer a lot of people are talking about though isn’t a movie trailer; it’s a television trailer. The first official trailer for season 7 of The Walking Dead. Oh man, is it epic! Watch it below.

As everyone is aware, the season 6 finale left the audience with arguably the biggest TV cliffhanger in history. I liked the ending at first. The next day, though, I was angry about it. How DARE they build up the entire season to Negan and Lucille bashing a major character’s brains in! Then, I came back around and now I appreciate the ending because of all the fun speculation it leaves. For anyone who isn’t familiar, TWD introduced Negan, the big bad guy and fan favorite from the comics. In the comics, he beats Glenn’s head in with a barbwire bat he named Lucille. Now, TWD show on AMC has a history of switching who will die and other scenarios to keep the audience guessing. Just a few episodes prior, fan favorite good guy Abraham did not die via an arrow in the back of the head and through the eye as he did in the comics. Another character died that way, so now Abraham’s fate is up for grabs.

Now, onto the breakdown of this trailer. The first minute or so shows most of the crew kneeling before Negan, as he contemplates which one to “beat the holy Hell out of.” As each character is on screen, a translucent montage of their fondest memories of loved ones scrolls down the screen, all while Negan points Lucille at each potential victim. After each character is presented, the action that is season 7 is teased. The first thing I notice is that none of the potential victims are revealed in the rest of the trailer – except for one, possibly – Eugene. Check out the screenshot below and decide for yourself.


Many people have their guesses as to whom Negan introduces to Lucille, including myself. There are three main choices that may ultimately die at Negan’s hands – or bat – and they are Glenn, Daryl, or Abraham. I’ll explain why I believe it to be one of them and nobody else.

  • Rick and Carl are safe. Negan even mentions taking out the boy’s other eye and feeding it to his dad if anyone moves, proving he isn’t in front of either of them. Also, if you read the comics, you are well aware of the relationship amongst Negan, Carl, and Rick.
  • Michonne, Maggie, Sasha, and Rosita are also all safe. I just don’t see Negan beating a woman to death at this juncture.
  • Eugene is safe. His story arc in the comics will be integral to the arc in the show. Also, see above screenshot.
  • Aaron is safe. The guy has become a big part of the group, but he isn’t a huge fan favorite like the originals. The show is going to kill off someone major.
  • That leaves Daryl, Abraham, or Glenn.

It could be Abraham because he is starting to become happy with Sasha, making his death more tragic. He’d be murdered not only in front of her, but his old flame, Rosita. Daryl is also on the list. He is a show original, so he is a complete guess. He has lost had a few tragic losses in the show. He is also considered by the majority of fans to be the biggest bad ass on the show, so seeing him “taking it like a champ” as Negan bludgeons him to death would be amazing on so many levels. Glenn, of course, is a logical choice. He is the one who dies in the comics, and Maggie is pregnant in both the show and the comics at this time. He has defied death so many times, but maybe this time, it just isn’t in the cards.

Morgan and Carol are out in the wilderness, away from the dangers of Negan. They come across a community called The Kingdom, ruled by Ezekiel. He is a major new character in the comics and promises to bring awesomeness to the show. The main reason is his pet tiger, Shiva. Carol is playing the harmless homemaker again, an effective disguise when it comes to meeting new people. The trailer also reveals that Tara and Heath are still out there and Enid escaped from the closet Carl locked her in at the end of last season. I have a prediction that Heath will not survive season 7, though. Corey Hawkins, who plays Heath, has been cast as the lead in 24: Legacy on Fox. So, yeah, he’s a goner.


Final Thoughts:

Season 7 of The Walking Dead looks to be the craziest season thus far. A bloody death of a beloved character in the first few minutes, a new colony, and a freaking tiger. The first episode premieres October 23 of this year. If anyone has a hyperbaric chamber to let me sleep in until then, contact me immediately.

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