Brazilian Horror Film ‘My Dead Ones’ Coming Soon

TMA Releasing is exciting to announce that they are unveiling the new horror thriller directed by Diego Freitas (Way Back Home) called My Dead Ones. The film stars Nicolas Prattes (Rock Story), Neusa Maria Faro (Soul Mate), Andre Hendges (Rio Heroes), and Eucir de Souza (Time of Fear). While the movie should land on iTunes and Google Play on October 31st, My Dead Ones will be available as soon as October 26th on Vimeo in North America, the UK, Ireland, France, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal and India. Stay tuned for our upcoming review!


Behind the looks of a shy film student, David hides an obscure past that is about to be revealed. Figures strange to his routine appear in his life, and awaken feelings that transform him into a serial killer. David shoots the killings and gets famous on the internet. As the killings happen, his disturbing secret is threatened and can come out.

Check out the creepy trailer below!

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