Where Can You Get Cult Icon Bill Oberst, Jr. Merch and OOAK Art? Right Here!

Cult horror icon Bill Oberst, Jr. (read our interviews with him here and here) has been quite the busy beaver lately. Not only is he still acting, writing, promoting, and narrating some of our favorite indie horror films, but he also has some pretty cool yet incredibly creepy merchandise and art available online.

At Bill’s Amazon shop, Bill Oberst, Jr. Official, he sells one of the creepiest albeit slimiest t-shirts you’ll ever own. The shirt features Bill’s shifty, penetrating glare as drool pours from his mouth. Trick or treat indeed.

Bill Oberst Jr, trick or treat
The design for Bill Oberst, Jr’s Trick or Treat t-shirt

The actor says his next set of branded official products for Amazon will include a Circus Of The Dead diorama, custom horror dolls, and the return of The Bill Oberst Jr. Severed Ear.

“I promise not to drool onto any of those before shipping… unless the customer asks.”

Although Amazon is king, Oberst also has official gear at a few other places, like prints and posters on Redbubble, acrylic trays on Society6 and coffee cups on Pixels. 

But the best shop of all, the one linked from his official website, is the one where he shares his one of a kind artwork. Each piece is hand crafted and painted and written out in Bill’s spidery handwriting. There are creepy hillbilly dolls created by Debz Dollz, Art & Musings that have been signed by both the artist and the Emmy award-winning actor. Each baby has his own cunning little hat and wooden coffin. You can also buy one of Bill’s own severed ears. Yes, I’m serious. Although you’d think he’d have run out of them by now. Maybe he grows them next to the cultivated mushrooms in his basement? They come in these beautiful antique boxes and are paired with a handwritten portion of the Medieval Latin Exorcism Ritual in its own display stand. 

Be sure to visit Bill Oberst, Jr.’s website to find out what else the actor is working on and how you can follow him on social media.

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