Benicio Del Toro In Final Talks For ‘Predator’ Remake

Yes, another Hollywood remake is coming and we have some news about it. This time, Predator is getting the treatment with Shane Black directing. This remake, however, is looking like it might be one of the good ones – they do exist, after all. Shane Black is directing, so that is already great. Now, per the Hollywood Reporter, Benicio Del Toro is in final negotiations to star in the remake, slated for filming to begin in February 2017.


This news is something I can get into! I’m a fan of Del Toro as well as Shane Black. Black is coming off The Nice Guys, a fantastic film in my opinion. Not to mention, he is responsible for writing arguably the best buddy-cop movie in history with Lethal Weapon. Let’s not forget, he’s no stranger to horror.  Black cowrote Monster Squad in 1987. Now, we have Benicio Del Toro to add to the awesomeness that I believe Predator is going to bring to the big screen.

Del Toro has only recently been doing more commercialized work, such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Sicario. Before that, he was doing mostly dramatic roles in lesser-viewed films, most notably Che Guevara in Che. Del Toro has proven time and time again he can take on any type of character and nail it. All three movies I just mentioned, along with his role in The Usual Suspects, show his acting prowess.


The cast for Predator is being described as an ensemble, with Del Toro as the center. I think this is a fantastic choice and I predict this remake to be one of the better ones in recent memory. No plot details have been revealed and a theatrical release date hasn’t been set, but we will keep you posted here at PopHorror.

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