‘Be My Cat’ Director Adrian ?ofei Announces New Film, ‘Dr. Frankenstein’

Three years ago, I was given the opportunity to check out Adrian Tofei’s debut feature, Be My Cat: A Film For Anne (2015 –  read my review here), a dark and twisted film that I highly recommend. Recently, Tofei offered an update on his followup feature, We Put The World to Sleep, as well as announcing a brand new and intriguing project called Dr. Frankenstein.

Duru Yücel-?ofei and Adrian ?ofei in We Put the World to Sleep

From the press release:

Adrian ?ofei, the creator and star of the acclaimed found footage horror movie, Be My Cat: A Film for Anne (reviewed here by PopHorror), announced on his official Facebook page the title of his next feature film – Dr. Frankenstein – which marks Adrian’s return to the horror genre and will combine a contemporary adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel with the universes of both Be My Cat: A Film for Anne and his second film, We Put the World to Sleep, an apocalyptic feature currently in post-production.
We should expect to see Adrian again playing “the psycho in Be My Cat, but with a big twist, a creator and a bride!” His wife, actress and screenwriter Duru Yücel-?ofei, will also be a part of the main cast, which Adrian is about to complete by casting his “creator” in the movie as well. He also announced that he won’t be making Die Bully Die anymore, which was about a guy planning revenge on his childhood bullies, including it instead as a side-story in Dr. Frankenstein.
Adrian ?ofei will be developing Dr. Frankenstein starting this month (January 2020) at the same time with editing his second feature, We Put the World to Sleep, about two lovers who get lost in the characters they play in an apocalyptic film and decide to end the world for real. We Put the World to Sleep should premiere in festivals in 2020-2021, and Dr. Frankenstein in 2021-2022. Adrian also plans to release Be My Cat: A Film for Anne in the first quarter of 2020 on DVD and Blu-ray.
Dr. Frankenstein sounds like an interesting project, one I’m very curious to see how it turns out. Are you looking forward to Dr. Frankenstein? Let us know in the comments.

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