Bad Cookie Pictures Releases Two VR Horror Films Just in Time for Halloween

Three months ago, we announced an IndieGoGo for the double feature project being created by Bad Cookie Pictures. Now, we’re here to say that the campaign was a success, and the movies are on the verge of being released! The two VR films, Tune In… For Murder! and Relaxing ASMR, are the creations of Ariel Hansen and Christopher Graham, the brainchildren behind Bad Cookie Pictures. Although they’re still relatively new to the industry, these Vancouver artists have already created some standout, award-winning shorts, including Ready to Burst (read our review here) and Paint the Town Red (read our review here). Now they’re back with these brand new horror shorts, which they created with the help of virtual reality experts Hammer & Tong. are premiering on October 22nd at the East Van Showcase Festival at The Rio Theatre.

“We love collaborating and are always looking for ways to be innovative with our filmmaking,” mentioned Graham. “This seemed like the perfect opportunity to make that happen,” he added. Graham’s murder mystery TUNE IN…FOR MURDER throws audiences into a locked room with a dead body in the middle and a number of potential murderers trying to determine whodunit. Hansen’s RELAXING ASMR is a twist on the ever-popular ASMR YouTube videos – featuring people making soothing noises. Hers, though, offers a few more chills down your spine than usual.

“VR is a very unique way of storytelling – it definitely hasn’t been without its challenges but we’ve had so much support from Hammer & Tong and we can’t wait to share these short films with all of you!” stated Hansen.

So if you’re in the neighborhood in Vancouver and you’re dying to jump into the world of virtual reality with a couple of bloody fantastic horror shorts, be sure to get your tickets now for the East Van Showcase Festival and stop by The Rio Theatre on October 22nd to check out Tune in… For Murder! and Relaxing ASMR. You won’t regret it!

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