‘Back Road’ (2019) Official Poster Revealed!

If you haven’t heard of Drew Pizzo’s upcoming feature length directorial debut, Back Road (read our review here), now’s the time to start paying attention! That’s right… this ultra-violent camping trip gone wrong is beginning to make some waves, and it’s starting with the official poster. Created by Scream Factory’s talented Joel Robinson, this dark and sinister poster is awesome, and I’m all for it. It shows off just some of the brutality that is featured prominently throughout the film without giving away too much.

For those that are unfamiliar with Back Road, the film follows Madeline and her friends as they go on a midsummer vacation to an isolated cabin before their adult lives really start setting in. During the trip, the friends have a deadly run in with some country folks, which leads to them desperately trying to cover their tracks. All hell breaks loose, however, when those same country folks finally get their hands on them.

Directed, written and starring Pizzo (I Saw 2017), the film also stars Mike Sutton (Catwoman Retribution 2018), Emily McKinley Hill (Ted Bundy Had A Son), Sarah Schoofs (Black Wake 2018) and Rachel Keefe (Grimoire TV series).

Check out the trailer for Back Road below and let us know what you think! Will you be checking out this brutal horror film when the time comes?

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