Award Winning Filmmaker Ben Stobber Announces The Lucky Sevens Film Challenge 2021

7 Feature Films. 7 days to shoot. $7,000 budget. The ultimate film challenge!!! Are you in?

This announcement comes from award-winning filmmaker Ben Stobber (Party Bus To Hell 2017 – read our review here), who had this to say:

[Today, March 17, 2021] is the first big day of the Lucky Sevens film challenge IndieGoGo campaign that my Helping Hands Productions is heavily supporting and working on creating many more work opportunities for the local Vegas film actors and creative crew community.

From the IndieGoGo campaign page:

“What is the Lucky Sevens Film Challenge?”

I’m so glad you asked! Hello, my name is Ben Stobber, a local Las Vegas actor/producer and the creator of this incredible unique filmmaking experience. This film challenge is a HUGE opportunity! I wanted to give back to the many local filmmakers, crew, actors, and other artists who have nearly lost hope in their dreams and careers after this challenging past year. I will be serving as part of the producing team and also as a casting director for each filmmaker to ensure that we are casting local Vegas actors in these films.

This also wouldn’t have been possible without the support and help from Vegas filmmaker Jeremy Settles of GOT Films, who is a co-creator of the Lucky Sevens and is providing various studio space, equipment, insurance, and more to help make these films possible.

Over 30 filmmakers submitted to become one of seven chosen who will direct a feature film in seven days on a $7,000 budget in a Covid-safe work environment. Diversity, creativity, and the ability to work under these limitations were important assets for each filmmaker to have as this challenge is much like the 48hr Film Projects, only BIGGER!

Over 100 actors have submitted so far to audition for these films as they currently have their shooting schedules locked in starting May 1st and the last film shooting in mid-September. All films must be completed and turned in by Nov. 30th which gives most of them plenty of pre- and post-production time to make their films the strongest possible. From there, they will have their red carpet premiere at a local movie theater where awards will be given. Then, they will have the chance to submit to film festivals and/or film distributors/sales acquisitions for DVD releases!

This challenge is creating many creative work opportunities for the Vegas film community and your support will not only help Las Vegas artists, but many more states across the country as this event will expand and grow, BUT NOT WITHOUT YOUR HELP!

Be sure to check out the Lucky Sevens IndieGoGo page for some great perks and the chance to help create some groundbreaking films.

To give you a hint of who’s been picked for these Lucky Sevens slots, check out the posters below.

Pool Party Massacre

Ben has more to say about Helping Hands Productions:

My primary goal as an actor was always to help others tell their stories. Over the years, I’ve been working in various crew positions, and not always acting in front of the camera, but the mission is always been the same. My primary goal for my production company is as simple as helping others tell their stories and lending a helping hand whenever help is needed. Through diversity, growth, and encouraging every artist to explore and grow in other facets of the filmmaking business, I hope to bring that in as many films that I work on as possible. God bless Glenn Student for helping me in creating this image for me and being such a great help on the poster image for our Lucky Sevens Film Challenge campaign that launches Wednesday March 17th. Keep your eyes out for lots of hype, promoting, and sharing all across social media as we prepare for this inspirational and epic film frenzy campaign! Thank you all for being such a huge inspiration and guidance in my life and career. I can’t even begin to tell you how your help in sharing and supporting this film campaign will mean to me and the many filmmakers, actors, and crew members that will be involved in these seven feature films.

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