‘Awaken the Shadowman’ (2017) Trailer Review

A shadow person is a patch of shadow in the form of a humanoid that is believed to be the presence of a supernatural entity. This is the premise of J.S. Wilson’s film Awaken the Shadowman.

Awaken the Shadowman is Wilson’s first time in the director’s chair with the script by Skyler Caleb (Waking 2013) and General Hospital’s Woodrow Wilson Hancock III and James Zimbardi. The film stars Caleb, Zimbardi, Emily Somers (Escape From Area 51 2016) and Designing Women’s Jean Smart. Hancock recently reported to Screen Daily:

“The film’s concept is based on actual phenomena, and the story is in part inspired by true life events from my early childhood. We’re thrilled to be debuting a new villain to the world this summer through Gravitas Ventures.”

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Official Synopsis: After the mysterious disappearance of their mother, estranged brothers reunite and discover an unknown supernatural force.

In my opinion, the story works somewhat. I have some experience in the paranormal field so I have experienced shadow people. However, it seems that Awaken the Shadowman is going to have some kind of component with children. This seems reminiscent of Paranormal Activity 2 and Annabelle to me. The film’s poster displays this theme beautifully without going in to too much detail.

Gravitas Ventures is releasing the film with a limited theatrical release on July 21st. The film will be on-demand starting on July 25th. Don’t fall asleep or you will fall prey to the Shadowman!

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