Matthew L. Furman

I first saw the original "Night of the Living Dead" at 12; the rest is history. I live in South Central PA. I've worked as a journalist, Army contractor, repo man, and security consultant. I'm the co-writer of the horror comedy films "WrestleMassacre" and the forthcoming "Death on Delivery" and "Killer Campout 2," and have starred in "4 Milfs Vs. Zombies," "Fiendish Fables," "Killer Campout," and "Harvest of Horrors," all from Fuzzy Monkey Films. I've also starred in "Remnants" from Absurd Productions Pictures. My goal is to always transcend the genre, and try to impart some basic life truths. In short, to help people feel a little less lonely in this world.

‘The Tattooist’ Might Make You Reconsider That Impulsive Shoulder Butterfly

Settling into the tattooist chair requires trust, and Michael Wong (The Story of 90 Coins 2015) wants to shatter that vulnerability with his new horror short, The Tattooist. Filmmaker Michael Wong wants to do for tattoo couches what Hitchcock’s Psycho (1960) did for shower stalls. PopHorror recently got hold of its rather …

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‘The Mermaid’s Song’ is a Dark Fairy Tale that Deconstructs the Princess Myth

The horror genre can always use more dark fairy tales, and while The Mermaid’s Song delivers the scares, they’re less grotesque, and more cerebral. And that’s exactly how I like them. Sure, the film has some body horror and kills, to be sure, but The Mermaid’s Song is at its …

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‘Bad CGI Sharks’ Will Deliver Exactly What It Promises

Who says there’s no truth in advertising? You’re gonna need a bigger Goofy Meter to measure Bad CGI Sharks, the new indie horror comedy that asks the crucial question: “Do we need another wacky shark movie?” After viewing the trailer and other promotional materials, I can answer with a resounding, …

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My Favorite Horror Movie: ‘Night of the Living Dead’ Turns The Spotlight On Us, And It Isn’t Pretty

Night of the Living Dead (1968) doesn’t necessarily give audiences what they WANT, but it sure as hell gives them what they NEED. The average American filmgoer is a sucker for happy endings. They want the hero or heroine to struggle against adversity, or overcome societal ills like racism, or, …

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Social Justice Gets Bloody in ‘Triggered,’ a Horror Comedy About Getting Offended for all the Wrong Reasons

Actress Meredith Mohler in Triggered.

Effective satire requires the artist to have fun, but never cross the line into mean-spiritedness. Mississippi director and writer Chris Moore (Blessed Are the Children 2016) stays clear of that boundary with his new horror comedy film, Triggered, a film that reminds us that, while we need to feel passionate …

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