Charlie Cargile

Indianapolis based Horror journalist. Lover of most things Horror (especially Indie), Pop Punk and the strange and unusual.

Streets of Vengeance (2016) Movie Review

What do you get when you throw an 80’s revenge thriller, a giallo, The Warriors and USA’s Up All Night with a dash of social commentary into a blender? You get Streets of Vengeance, the newest film from the makers of Cinco De Mayo, which was released this past October 13th.  Streets of Vengeance is …

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Don’t F*ck in the Woods (2016) – Movie Review

Don't Fuck In The Woods

Sex in horror films is a pretty common thing, usually leading to a grisly death. That isn’t any different here in 2016’s Don’t Fuck in the Woods. Usually, the deaths are because of sex being seen as a sin by the killer or what indirectly lead to the killers death …

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