Australian Film Fest Compiling ‘A Night of Horror: Volume 1’

Since 2006, the A Night of Horror International Film Festival has taken place in Sydney, Australia. As the premiere and perhaps only horror film festival in Australia, columnist Harvey Shore has called it “Australia’s first horror film festival [it] recognizes the past and gives the horror genre a platform for the future.” Now, after ten years worth of horror, the people behind A Night of Horror have decided to compile some of their most favorite shorts into an anthology compilation called A Night of Horror: Volume 1. So what can we expect?

If that trailer doesn’t make you want to watch this flick, I don’t know what will. Although it was compiled in 2015, A Night of Horror: Volume 1 is just now being released through Lovecraft 21C Productions and 108 Media Corp. The film is comprised of nine shorts and one wraparound story that premiered at A Night of Horror International Film Festival.

The anthology features the directing talents of Bossi Baker (“Hum”), Nicholas Colla (“Fallout”), Darkness Falls‘ (2003) Daniel Daperis, Carmen Falk (“Ravenous”), Matthew Goodrich (“Scission”), Evan Randall Green (“Dark Origins”), Justin Harding (“Point of View”), Goran Spoljaric (“The Priest”), Enzo Tedeschi (“Surge”) and Rebecca Thomson (“I Am Undone”).

Whether you’re a fan of Sydney’s A Night of Horror or just a fan of the best and bloodiest in new horror cinema, you can’t afford to miss this fright-filled anthology. Zombies, demonic entities, self-surgery, cannibalism and more await in the dark corners of this terrifying offering from ten of the most talented filmmakers working in the genre today. A Night of Horror: Volume 1 will premiere on Digital HD this summer.

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